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Monday, September 19, 2011

The difference between supper and dinner

Father and son were trying to make fun of mother while she was dressing up.

The family has decided to take supper outdoor.

Son to father: "Dad, what's the difference between supper and dinner?"

"When we dine out, it's dinner," said the father. "When we take our night meal

at home, it's suffer."

When the mother comes, son turns to her. "Mom, what's the difference between

supper and dinner?"

"When we dine out and I choose the place, it's dinner," the mother replies. "When

dad chooses the place it's suffer."

Simple words

What do I get from writing on the web log? Plain pleasure. When I see my

thoughts jump into print, I feel satiated, the pleasure in my blood gets high.

As I said in my previous blog, there are over a million words in the English

dictionary. I pick only a few of them, simple words like hoity-toity, ad nauseam

tittle-tattle, testosterone, chutzpah, etc.

Adopted from Blagmell, the blogsite of my friend Mel Amarillo.

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